9 Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

9 Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

Music is such an important art in expanding children’s minds at a very early age.  Children love to create things using arts and crafts, so why not combine both to establish fun memories for you and your children?  Here are some easy to create musical instruments that can get the creative juices flowing.


For any of these activities, you can leave the items plain or decorate
them. If you need ideas for decorating these projects, try any of the
following items. We are sure this list will help you think of even more
items you can use. Combine different things such as buttons and
glitter or sequins and yarn. Let the children’s creativity surprise you!

Keeping items such as these in a large plastic storage container
makes for easy access and quick clean up.

masking tape
construction paper
colored pencils
nail polish



2 paper plates
stapler or glue
hole punch
jingle bells


Staple or glue two paper plates together, facing each other. Using a
hole punch, make holes around the plates and tie jingle bells to the
holes with string. Decorate the tambourine with crayons.

Shake to play.



empty oatmeal box with cover
2 pencils
2 spools
construction paper


Before beginning, you can decorate the oatmeal box with construction
paper and/or crayons for a colorful effect.

Place the cover on the box. Use a pen to make a hole in the center of
the cover and in the center of the bottom of the box. Through
these holes, pull a piece of yarn long enough to hang around child’s
neck and down to their waist.

For the drumsticks, place the spools at the ends of the pencils,
secure with glue if necessary.

Beat to play.



nail polish
mixing spoon



Hang the washers from the ruler or stick with pieces of string by
wrapping the string around the ruler or stick and securing. Strike the
washers with the mixing spoon to play.

Note: You can make this craft colorful by painting the washers first
with different color nail polishes, such as red, gold, glittery, etc.
Parents should supervise this part of the activity closely.



paper towel roll
waxed paper
rubber band


Cover one end of the paper towel roll with waxed paper,
secure it with a rubber band. Punch a row of holes
along one side of the roll with the tip of a pen.

To play, sing a tune into the open end of the horn.




two matching pot covers
yarn or ribbon

Tie the ribbon or yarn around the handles of the pot
covers. To play, strike together.



tall glasses or jars
mixing spoon


Fill the glasses or jars with different amounts of water.
The more water in the glass, the lower the pitch will be.
Having less water in the glass or jar will raise the pitch.

To play, gently strike the glasses with a mixing spoon.


Comb Buzzer

pocket comb
tissue paper


Fold a piece of tissue paper over the tooth edge of a comb. To play,
hum through the tissue paper.




empty shoe box
rubber bands
ruler or stick


Remove the cover from the box. Stretch the rubber
bands around the box. Attach the ruler or stick to
the back of the box on one end to act as the arm of the guitar.

To play, strum or pluck the rubber bands.


Hand Bells

2 paper towel rolls
hole punch
4 jingle bells
string or yarn


Punch a hole in each end of the paper towel rolls. Tie two jingle bells
to each side of the paper towel rolls by running string or yarn through
the holes and carefully tying off.

Shake to play.

Have fun and let creativity and imagination run wild! Record the band’s
first song and play back for some great giggle time. Enjoy!


By: Amanda Formoro

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